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Manual page for proc_import(PL)

proc import allows an external image file (containing a logo for example) to be integrated with the ploticus result.

If you are producing PNG/GIF/JPG output, the image is imported by ploticus and integrated into the output result. The import image type must be the same as your result image type.

If you are producing SVG, ploticus simply adds a filename link to the svg output, and the image will be loaded when the SVG is viewed (so it is not really an "import" operation). Presumably, images of any type (PNG/GIF/JPG) can be viewed this way. The width and height of the image should be specified so that alignment can be executed correctly. The scale and format attributes have no effect in SVG.


The file and location attributes must be supplied.

file     name

The filename of the image to import, including the filename extension. With PNG/GIF/JPG this filename should be specified relative to the working directory that ploticus is running in. With SVG, the image file will be loaded when the svg is viewed... it seems like the file location will be interpreted as relative to the .svg file (but it needs to be a pathname.. URLs don't seem to work).

location     x y

Determines where the imported image should be placed (see also align below).

align     topcenter | center | topleft | bottomleft

Alignment of image relative to location. Default is topcenter.

topcenter positions the imported image with its top-center at x, y
center centers the image around x, y horizontally and vertically;
topleft positions the image with its top left at x, y;
bottomleft positions the image with its bottom left at x, y.

width     npixels

width of the imported image in pixels. Required only when rendering in SVG.

height     npixels

height of the imported image in pixels. Required only when rendering in SVG.

scale     s

Scale factor to apply when rendering the image. 1.0 results in the original size; smaller values reduce the size; larger values increase the size. Has no effect when rendering in SVG.

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