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proc line

proc line may be used to draw arbitrary lines in scaled space or absolute space. It is typically used for annotations, etc. To plot a line or curve from data, see proc lineplot. See also proc drawcommands.


The points attribute must be specified.

points     multiline-text

    A list of points. One or more lines. Ends at first empty (blank) line. Each line may have one coordinate pair or two. If two, the first point is the beginning of a line, and the second point is the end of a line. If one, the point is taken as a continuation of line from previous point.
    Example 1:
    points:	1.0 3.0 1.0 4.5
    	3.0 4.5
    	3.0 3.0
    Example 2: With locval notation (the default), you can do things like this:
    points: min 0(s) max 0(s)
    More info on locval notation

notation     absolute | scaled | locval

    Specifies whether points are to be taken as locations in absolute space, scaled space, or location values. Default is locval.
    Example: notation: scaled

linedetails     linedetails

    Details controlling the rendering of the line.
    Example: linedetails: width=3 color=green

anchor     x y

    If specified, the points still specifies how the lines are to be drawn, but lines are drawn relative to x, y. x and y should be in absolute space. Does not work for values in scaled space, so notation should be absolute or locval with no (s) values. This can be used to specify elaborate sets of points once, then render the figure multiple times in different locations. Versions 2.31+
    The following example draws a 1" square in two locations:
      #proc line
        #saveas D1
        anchor: 2 3
        points: 0 0 0 1
                1 1
                1 0
                0 0
      #proc line
        #clone D1
        anchor: 4 4


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