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pl(1) command... additional development/debug options

Additional pl(1) development / debug options

For raising internal capacities see the program limitations page

-help or -? or -version

    Print version number, copyright info, web site address, etc.


    Debug mode. Dianostic information is written to the diagnostic stream (stderr by default, or see -diagfile), and refrains from deleting working temp files. Use leftmost on command line.


    Write the ploticus name and version number to standard output and exit. versions 2.33+

-echo     [ diag | stdout]

    Write ploticus script lines as they are executed. Lines are written to the diagnostic stream (standard error by default) or standard output. Lines are written after variables and most script directives, including flow-of-control directives, are evaluated.


    Identify unplottable data, showing the value, and its row and field.

-diagfile     filename | stderr | stdout

    All non-error messages and output will be written to this file (default is stderr).

-errmsgpre     tag

    Allows developer to set the first portion of all ploticus error messages to tag for purposes of presentation or identification.

-errfile     filename | stderr | stdout

    All error messages will be written to this file (default is stderr).


    The -noshell command line option is intended to disallow any shell commands that a user might supply in a script from being executed. The following script constructs are disabled when -noshell is in effect:
     #proc getdata
       command:   myshellcommand
     #proc getdata
       file:    filename  (because this allows shell expansion of wild cards)
       (use "pathname" instead)


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