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cumufrac prefab for producing cumulative fraction plots

cumufrac produces cumulative fraction plots and it can display one or two curves. Non-numeric entries (such as missing data codes) are omitted. The data for each curve should come from a data field, specified as x for the first curve and x2 for the second. A linear X axis is used by default; to get a logarithmic X axis use logmode=log
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Data type DefaultDescription Examples
(ignore line wrapping)
Standard parameters     Most of the standard prefab parameters may be used. You must specify data (the name of the input data file). Y axis controls are not supported.
x data field must be specified Identifies the data field for the first curve. x=2
x2 data field   Identifies the data field for the second curve. x2=3
linedet linedetails color=green width=0.5 Appearance details for the first curve.  
linedet2 linedetails color=red width=0.5 Appearance details for the second curve.  


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