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multidist prefab

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The multidist is similar to dist prefab except that it can produce multiple, overlaid frequency distributions, each from a separate data field (column). Except as noted below, all of the standard prefab parameters may be used. Contributed by Marshall Rose; please forward any questions to him at


overlay may be given as "yes", which causes multiple distributions to be done. Each field (column) of the data will be tabulated individually and a distribution computed and plotted. The first row of the data gives the name for each category, and is used in the legend. A legend is always rendered. fld should not be supplied. xrange and yrange must be supplied. If overlay is not "yes", multidist operates identically to the dist prefab.

rotate may be given as "yes" to rotate the data matrix (as seen in the above example).

All of the parameters (including standard parameters) supported by the dist prefab are also supported. In addition, the standard parameters related to legends are supported.


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