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proc rangesweep

proc rangesweep draws a moving range from the current data set, in the current plotting area. See also the gallery rangesweeps page.


The lofield and hifield attributes must be specified.

lofield     dfield

    Data field to use for low end of range.
    Example: lofield: 1

hifield     dfield

    Data field to use for high end of range. Example: hifield: 2

xfield     dfield

    Data field to use for X values. If not specified, sequential unit locations in X will be used. Example: xfield: 1

color     color

    Color of the range sweep. Example: color: powderblue

legendlabel     text

    A label to be associated with the current range sweep in the legend. proc legend must be executed later in order to render the legend. The \\n construct can be used to force a line break when the legend is displayed, or the label can be wordwrapped using proc legend wraplen attribute (2.32+).
    Example: legendlabel: Group A

sweeprange     xlo     [xhi]

    If specified, range will be rendered only at x values falling between xlo and xhi. xlo and xhi must be plottable values in X. If xhi is not given then this will control only the lower bound.
    Example: sweeprange: 5 24

xstart     plotvalue

    If specified, and if using sequential locations in x (xfield not specified), determines where in X the range will start.

select select expression

    If specified, the select-expression will be used to determine whether or not to plot a given row of data.
    Example: select: @7 >= @9


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