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proc rect

proc rect may be used to produce a rectangle at a given location in scale or absolute space. The rectangle may be filled with color, and can have optional outline, bevel, or drop shadow, and can use clickmap and mouseover text labels. This proc was formerly named proc bevelrect. An example is loglog.


The rectangle attribute must be given.

rectangle     x1 y1 x2 y2

    Specify the rectangle. X1, y1 is lower left; x2, y2 is upper right. Values are position units (assumed to be in absolute space unless followed immediately by (s) which indicates scaled space).

color     color | none

    Rectangle to be filled with this color. Default is to fill with dullyellow. To not fill the rectangle at all, specify color: none
    color: gray(0.8)
    color: none

outline     linedetails

    Specifies rectangle outline. Default is none.

Bevel effects

bevelsize     n

hibevelcolor     color

    Color of upper and lefttmost bevels. Default is gray(0.6)

lowbevelcolor     color

    Color of lower and rightmost bevels. Default is gray(0.8)

Drop shadow effects

shadowsize     n

    Width of visible drop shadow in absolute units. Default is 0.0 (no drop shadow).

shadowcolor     color

    Color of drop shadow. Default is black.

Clickmap and mouseover

clickmapurl     url

    If generating a clickmap, this specifies a URL that will be associated with the rectangle if the user clicks on it.

clickmaplabel     label

clickmaplabeltext     multiline text

    Same as clickmaplabel but multiline text. Must be terminated with a blank line.


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