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special characters

Text specifications may include embedded special characters. These correspond to the PostScript Symbol font and thus may be used in PostScript mode only. The PostScript special characters feature was written by Marvin Newhouse.

If doing PNG, GIF or X11, you can render any of the characters found in the ASCII range 128-255, by embedding the desired ascii value within the text item.


Title: Cities having average temperature \\(<= 20 degrees C

Here are the available special characters. Usage: \\(AB
(e.g. \\(bu to get a bullet).

AB	 what
---      ----------
PL	 Lslash 
O/	 Oslash 
ae	 ae 
be	 breve 
bu	 bullet
ct	 cent 
^	 circumflex 
dg	 dagger 
dd	 daggerdbl 
um	 dieresis 
dt	 dotaccent 
ui	 dotlessi 
em	 emdash 
en	 endash 
!!	 exclamdown 
ff	 ff 
Fi	 ffi 
Fl	 ffl 
fi	 fi 
fl	 fl 
ss	 germandbls 
ga	 grave 
d<	 guillemotleft 
d>	 guillemotright 
hy	 hyphen 
lb	 lb 
lc	 lc 
lf	 lf 
lk	 lk 
Pl	 lslash 
lt	 lt 
mc	 macron 
ob	 ob 
oe	 oe 
og	 ogonek 
o/	 oslash 
pp	 paragraph 
pm	 perthousand 
??	 questiondown 
lq	 quotedblleft 
rq	 quotedblright 
n'	 quotesingle 
rb	 rb 
rc	 rc 
rf	 rf 
ri	 ring 
rk	 rk 
rn	 rn 
rt	 rt 
ru	 ru 
sc	 Section 
sq	 sq 
ps	 sterling 
~	 tilde 
ul	 ul 
vr	 vr 
yi	 yen 
*d	 delta 
*e	 epsilon 
*f	 phi 
*g	 gamma 
*y	 eta 
*i	 iota 
*k	 kappa 
*l	 lambda 
*m	 mu 
*n	 nu 
*o	 omicron 
*p	 pi 
*h	 theta 
*r	 rho 
*s	 sigma 
*t	 tau 
*u	 upsilon 
*w	 omega 
*c	 xi 
*q	 psi 
*z	 zeta 
or	 bar 
ap	 similar 
fm	 minute 
<=	 lessequal 
if	 infinity 
$D	 florin 
dm	 diamond 
bs	 heart 
<>	 arrowboth 
<-	 arrowleft 
ua	 arrowup 
->	 arrowright 
da	 arrowdown 
de	 degree 
+-	 plusminus 
sd	 second 
>=	 greaterequal 
mu	 multiply 
pt	 proportional 
pd	 partialdiff 
di	 divide 
!=	 notequal 
==	 equivalence 
~=	 approxequal 
cr	 carriagereturn 
al	 aleph 
ax	 circlemultiply 
a+	 circleplus 
es	 emptyset 
ca	 intersection 
cu	 union 
sp	 propersuperset 
ip	 reflexsuperset 
!s	 notsubset 
sb	 propersubset 
ib	 reflexsubset 
mo	 element 
!m	 notelement 
gr	 gradient 
rg	 registerserif 
co	 copyrightserif 
tm	 trademarkserif 
sr	 radical 
m.	 dotmath 
no	 logicalnot 
an	 logicaland 
lo	 logicalor 
io	 arrowdblboth 
<:	 arrowdblleft 
lh	 arrowdblleft 
:>	 arrowdblright 
rh	 arrowdblright 
l<	 angleleft 
r>	 angleright 
is	 integral 
fa	 universal 
te	 existential 
**	 asteriskmath 
pl	 plus 
\–	 minus 
sl	 slash 
eq	 equal 
*A	 Alpha 
*B	 Beta 
*X	 Chi 
*D	 Delta 
*E	 Epsilon 
*F	 Phi 
*G	 Gamma 
*Y	 Eta 
*I	 Iota 
*K	 Kappa 
*L	 Lambda 
*M	 Mu 
*N	 Nu 
*O	 Omicron 
*P	 Pi 
*H	 Theta 
*R	 Rho 
*S	 Sigma 
*T	 Tau 
*U	 Upsilon 
ts	 sigma1 
*W	 Omega 
*C	 Xi 
*Q	 Psi 
*Z	 Zeta 
tf	 therefore 
bt	 perpendicular 
\\_	 underscore 
*a	 alpha 
*b	 beta 
*x	 chi 


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