How to download and try this example

Usage: pl -gif bars3.htm

#set TODATE = 9903 // Set up plotting area using proc areadef #proc areadef title: Monthly volume per operator rectangle: 1 1 4 4 xscaletype: date yymm xrange: 9704 9906 yrange: 0 1800 xaxis.stubs: inc 1 month xaxis.stubformat: M xaxis.autoyears: yes yaxis.stubs: inc 500 yaxis.labeldetails: adjust=-0.3,0 // Read and process data file using proc getdata #proc getdata file: // draw bars for steve using proc bars #proc bars lenfield: 2 locfield: 1 color: red outline: no barsrange: 9704 @TODATE legendlabel: Steve barwidth: 0.07 outline: yes #saveas B // draw bars for lisa, stacking them above steve, using proc bars #proc bars #clone: B lenfield: 3 color: yellow stackfields: 2 legendlabel: Lisa // draw bars for rob, stacking them above lisa and steve, using proc bars #proc bars #clone: B lenfield: 4 color: blue stackfields: 2 3 legendlabel: Rob // draw bars for takisha, stacking them above the others, using proc bars #proc bars #clone: B lenfield: 5 color: green stackfields: 2 3 4 legendlabel: Takisha // render legend using labels defined above (proc legend) #proc legend location: min+0.3 max reverseorder: yes seglen: 0.3