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List input data set hdb.dat

Usage: pl -gif catlines1.htm

#proc page pagesize: 14 8 scale: 0.6 #proc getdata file: hgb.dat commentchar: // #proc categories axis: x datafield: 1 #proc areadef rectangle: 1 2 12 5 xscaletype: categories yautorange: datafield=3,4 combomode=hilo catbinsadjust: 1 // yaxis.stubs: inc xaxis.tics: none xaxis.ticincrement: 1 xaxis.grid: color=gray(0.7) frame: color=gray(0.7) width=0.5 #proc categories axis: x slideamount: -0.5 #proc xaxis stubs: usecategories tics: none stubvert: yes #proc catlines // subcats: M06 M12 M18 subcats: auto catfield: 1 subcatfield: 2 valfield: 3 errfield: 4 linedetails: color=red width=1.0 dpsymbol: color=gray(0.5) radius=0.03 style=filled errbardetails: color=gray(0.7) plotwidth: 0.6