How to download and try this example

Usage: pl -gif -map clickmap_area.html
Uses the data file devol.dat

#setifnotgiven CGI = "" // set page-wide attributes using proc page #proc page #if @DEVICE in gif,png scale: 0.7 0.5 #endif color: gray(0.7) // set up plotting area and axes using proc areadef #proc areadef: title: Number of inquiries per month titledetails: size=18 align=C adjust=0,0.1 color=black xscaletype: date mm/yy xrange: 12/86 06/89 yrange: 0 2000 clickmapurl: @CGI?x=@@XVAL&y=@@YVAL xaxis.stubs: inc 1 month xaxis.stubformat: M xaxis.autoyears: 'yy xaxis.grid: width=0.5 xaxis.stubrange: 01/87 05/89 xaxis.label: Month and year xaxis.labeldetails: adjust=0,-0.15 xaxis.clickmap: xygrid xaxis.clickmapvalformat: MMMyy yaxis.stubs: inc 200 yaxis.grid: width=0.5 yaxis.clickmap: xygrid // read in data set using proc getdata #proc getdata: file: devol.dat // do stairstep line plot using proc lineplot #proc lineplot: yfield: 2 xfield: 1 linedetails: width=2 color=purple stairstep: yes numbers: color=purple lastseglen: 30(s)