Move your mouse over the bars to see the popup labels. (Older browsers don't support this capability.)

How to download and try this example

Usage: pl -gif cs_mouseover.htm -csmap -mapfile stdout

This example demonstrates use of client-side image map with mouseover
text labels, but no URLs or clickability.

Note: this .htm file contains the client-side image map.
I pasted it into here after running the example.

#proc getdata delim: tab data: 1704 0.7 heart rate, beats per minute 1705 -1.2 heart rate variability, beats per minute 1706 -0.8 interval between R-waves 1707 0.3 interval between peak of P-wave to Q-wave 1708 0.5 interval between peak of P-wave to R-wave 1709 -0.2 interval between beginning and end of QRS complex #proc categories axis: x datafield: 1 #proc areadef rectangle: 1 1 3 2 xrange: categories yrange: -2.0 2.0 yaxis.stubs: inc 1 xaxis.stubs: usecategories xaxis.stubvert: yes // draw some invisible bars for mouseover // (this makes it easier to work with tiny bars) #proc bars color: white outline: no constantlength: 2 locfield: 1 clickmaplabel: @@3 // the following prevents white bars from obliterating X axis.. crossover: -1.8 #proc bars locfield: 1 lenfield: 2 color: red outline: no crossover: 0 // do the zero line #proc line linedetails: width=0.5 points: @AREALEFT 0(s) @AREARIGHT 0(s)