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Source: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

// specify data using proc getdata #proc getdata data: "New York" 8437 "Atlanta" 4321 "Detroit" 3984 "Baltimore" 3717 "Washington DC" 3292 "Los Angeles" 2291 // set up plotting area using proc areadef #proc areadef title: Guns seized by police\n9/97 thru 7/98 rectangle: 1 1 3 3.5 yrange: 0 7 xrange: 0 9000 // render bars using proc bars #proc bars horizontalbars: yes color: rgb(0,0.5,0.8) lenfield: 2 barwidth: 0.15 labeldetails: adjust=0,-0.03 color=rgb(0,0.5,0.8) colorlist: 4 yellow showvalues: yes // render yaxis last so it is not obliterated, using proc yaxis #proc yaxis: stubs: datafields 1 tics: none axisline: none stubdetails: align=L adjust=0.17,0.15