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// specify data using proc getdata #proc getdata data: "Database manager" 118 "Computer engineer" 109 "Systems analyst" 103 "Personal/home aide" 85 // set up plotting area using proc areadef #proc areadef rectangle: 1 1 3.5 2 xrange: 0 125 yrange: 0 5 title: Fastest growing jobs frame: color=0.8 // do x axis using proc xaxis #proc xaxis stubs inc 25 axisline: none tics: none label: % increase in next 10 years grid: color=rgb(.6,1,.6) stubformat: %g%% // do bars using proc bars #proc bars axis: x lenfield: 2 color: pink showvalues: yes labelfield: 1 longwayslabel: yes labeldetails: size=6 reverseorder: yes outline: no