How to download and try this example

Usage: pl -gif hbars4.htm
Uses data file hbars4.dat.
This one requires a bit of trickery.  Ploticus scale areas cannot go
from high to low, so, for the left portion, we need to convert 
the data to negative, and use bars with a crossover at Y=0.
Then when the axis is drawn, the signreverse option is used to
make the stubs positive values.

#proc getdata file: hbars4.dat // convert field 1 to negative filter: ##print -@@1 @@2 // do left portion #proc areadef rectangle: 1 1 2.5 2.5 xrange: -60 0 yrange: 0 9 // must do this to avoid presenting negative values.. xaxis.stubs: inc 10 xaxis.signreverse: yes xaxis.stubrange: -50 0 xaxis.grid: color=green // do bars #proc bars horizontalbars: yes crossover: 0 lenfield: 1 color: blue barwidth: 0.1 // do right portion.. // do the Y axis stubs now.. #proc areadef rectangle: 3 1 4.5 2.5 xrange: 0 60 yrange: 0 9 yaxis.axisline: none yaxis.stubdetails: adjust=-0.1,0 align=C yaxis.tics: none yaxis.stubs: list S1\nS2\nS3\nS4\nS5\nS6\nS7\nS8 xaxis.stubs: incremental 10 xaxis.stubrange: 0 50 xaxis.grid: color=green #proc bars horizontalbars: yes crossover: 0 lenfield: 2 color: orange barwidth: 0.1