How to download and try this example

Usage: pl -gif [-map] heatmap3.htm

This color grid involves processing raw data by 
counting occurances within ranges, then mapping counts to colors by range.

Uses data file snpmap.dat .
For brevity, only chromosomes 1-7 and X are represented in this example.

#set SYM = "radius=0.08 shape=square style=filled" #setifnotgiven CGI = "http://ploticus.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/showcgiargs" #proc page pagesize: 10 4 // read in the SNP map data file.. #proc getdata fieldnameheader: yes file: strainz.dat #proc categories axis: x datafield: 2 #proc categories axis: y datafield: 1 // set up the plotting area #proc areadef rectangle: 1 1 9 3.5 xscaletype: categories yscaletype: categories yaxis.stubs: usecategories yaxis.stubdetails: adjust=0.7,0 yaxis.axisline: none yaxis.tics: none xaxis.stubs: usecategories xaxis.axisline: none xaxis.tics: none xaxis.location: max+0.3 // set up legend for color gradients.. #proc legendentry sampletype: color details: dullyellow label: 1 or more SD above normal tag: 1 #proc legendentry sampletype: color details: white label: within 1 SD of normal tag: -1 #proc legendentry sampletype: color details: skyblue label: 1 or more SD below normal tag: -99 // use proc scatterplot to count # of instances and pick appropriate color from legend.. #proc scatterplot xfield: meas yfield: strain cluster: no symrangefield: zscore rectangle: 1 1 outline // overlay the values.. #proc scatterplot xfield: meas yfield: strain cluster: no labelfield: value textdetails: size=6 // display legend.. #proc legend location: min+0.7 min-0.2 textdetails: size=6