#proc page
backgroundcolor: skyblue

#proc areadef
areacolor: white
rectangle: 1 1 7 3.5
xscaletype: datetime mmddyyyy.hh:mm
xrange: 07112002.14:00 07192002.00:00
yrange: 4 15

#proc rect
rectangle: min 6.5(s) max 9(s)
color: yellow

#proc yaxis
label: Stage (ft)
stubs: inc 1
grid: color=gray(0.9)

#proc xaxis
stubs: inc 1 day
stubrange: 07112002.20:00
stubformat: mm/dd
stubdetails: adjust=0,-0.1

#proc xaxis
stubs: inc 1 day
stubrange: 07112002.20:00
stubs: list 8PM\n8PM\n8PM\n8PM\n8PM\n8PM\n8PM\n8PM\n8PM\n8PM\n8PM

// set up another x axis to do grid at every 6 hours without stubs..
#proc xaxis
ticincrement: 6 hours
stubrange: 07112002.20:00
grid: color=gray(0.9)

#proc annotate
location: 1.25 3.25
textdetails: size=6 align=left
backcolor: white
boxmargin: 0.17
box: color=gray(0.6) width=0.5
Latest observed stage: 7.3 ft on 14-Jul-2003
10:00 AM EDT.  These forecast states are
guidance values only.  Please refer to your
local NWS office for the latest official river