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Usage: pl -gif pie3.htm

// set the background to gray using proc page #proc page backgroundcolor: darkblue // specify data using proc getdata #proc getdata data: 12 SAV 14 INS 16 ENT 18 AUT 20 CLO 25 FOO 28 HOU // render the pie graph using proc pie #proc pie firstslice: 330 datafield: 1 labelmode: labelonly center: 4 3 radius: 1 colors: drabgreen labelfarout: 1.3 outlinedetails: color=white textdetails: color=lightorange size=10 pctformat: %.0f labels: Savings\n(@@PCT%) Insurance\n(@@PCT%) Entertainment\n(@@PCT%) Auto\n(@@PCT%) Clothing\n(@@PCT%) Food\n(@@PCT%) Housing\n(@@PCT%)