How to download and try this example

// Usage: pl qual.htm CERTNUM=0181 CERTNAME="John Doe" -eps 

// supply defaults for parameters if not given, for demo purposes
#setifnotgiven CERTNUM = 0181
#setifnotgiven CERTNAME = "John Doe"

//  Make GIF smaller in size using proc page
#proc page
  #if @DEVICE in gif,png
   scale: 0.75

//  Extract the data of interest from file qual.dat 
// using proc getdata
#proc getdata
  file: qual.dat
  select: @@4 = @CERTNUM

//  Set up plotting area using proc areadef
#proc areadef
  title: Echography quality scores by case, for @CERTNAME
  titledetails: adjust=-0.9,0.2
  rectangle: 1 3 7 3.7
  xscaletype: date 
  xautorange: datafield=6 nearest=month margin=45
  yrange: 0 10
  yaxis.stubs: inc 2
  yaxis.stubrange: 0 10
  yaxis.label: Scores
  yaxis.grid: color=0.8
  xaxis.stubs: inc 1 month
  xaxis.stubformat: M
  xaxis.autoyears: 'yy

//  Render dots using proc scatterplot
#proc scatterplot
  xfield: 6
  yfield: 15
  symbol: shape=square radius=0.04 style=filled fillcolor=black

//  Render case identifiers using proc scatterplot
#proc scatterplot
  xfield: 6
  ylocation: 2.3
  labelfield: 1
  verticaltext: yes