// Axis showing currency values ranging from negative to positive, with special
// formatting used on negative portion.  Thousands separator is used.
// Axis generation done in two passes:  1) positive portion; 2) negative portion

#set MIN = -2000
#set MAX = 2000
#set INC = 500

#proc settings
numbernotation: us
numberspacerthreshold: 3

#proc areadef
rectangle: 1 1 7 1.5
xrange: @MIN @MAX
yrange: 0 10
xaxis.stubs: inc @INC
xaxis.stubrange: 0
xaxis.stubformat: $%.0f

// do negative portion of X axis..
#proc xaxis
stubs: inc @INC
stubrange: @MIN -@INC
//stubformat: -$%.0f
stubformat: ($%.0f)
signreverse: yes

// This example illustrates the following:
///topic: axis: numeric
///topic: money 
///topic: proc axis stubformat
///topic: proc axis signreverse
///topic: proc settings