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// Plot CPU utilization data as produced by sar(1) utility.
// Contributed by Pablo Marques (

// Usage: pl -gif sar-cpu.htm
// Uses the data file sar-cpu.dat 

#proc page #if @DEVICE in png,gif scale: 0.6 #endif #proc getdata file: sar-cpu.dat fieldnames: time usr sys wio idle #proc areadef title: % CPU Utilization titledetails: size=14 align=C rectangle: 1 1 8 4 xscaletype: time hh:mm:ss xrange: 00:00:00 23:59:59 yrange: 0 100 #proc xaxis stubs: inc 2 hours minorticinc: 30 minutes stubformat: hhA #proc yaxis stubs: inc 10 // grid: color=orange gridskip: min ticincrement: 100 1000 #proc curvefit xfield: time yfield: wio linedetails: color=blue width=.5 legendlabel: wio #proc curvefit xfield: time yfield: sys linedetails: color=red width=.5 legendlabel: sys #proc curvefit xfield: time yfield: usr linedetails: color=green width=.5 legendlabel: usr #proc legend location: max-1 max seglen: 0.2