How to download and try this example

Usage: pl -gif scatterplot6.htm
Uses the data file members.dat

#proc areadef title: Members, by date enrolled rectangle: 1 3 6 3.7 xscaletype: date xrange: 080198 050199 yrange: 0 80 xaxis.stubs: inc 1 month xaxis.stubformat: M xaxis.autoyears: 'yy #saveas: A #proc getdata file: members.dat #proc scatterplot xfield: 2 ylocation: @AREABOTTOM+0.3 linelen: 0.5 cluster: yes #proc areadef #clone: A rectangle: 1 2 6 2.7 title: #proc scatterplot xfield: 2 labelfield: 1 textdetails: size=5 color=blue ylocation: @AREABOTTOM+0.3 cluster: yes verticaltext: yes