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// Contributed by Scott Ostrander

#proc page pagesize: 8.5 9.6 #if @DEVICE in gif,png scale: 0.6 #endif #proc getdata delim: comma file: sess03022000.dat #proc areadef title: ADSM Sessions 03/02 areaname: whole xscaletype: time hh:mm:ss xrange: 00:00 06:00 yscaletype: categories ycategories: datafield 4 // frame: bevel // #proc originaldata #proc yaxis stubs: categories grid: color=powderblue #proc xaxis stubs: inc 30 stubformat: hh:mm grid: color=orange style=2 label: Hour of Day #proc bars axis: x locfield: 4 segmentfields: 2 3 barwidth: 0.035 tails: 0.05