How to download and try this example

Usage: pl -gif symbols2.htm

/// top row.. filled direct pixel symbols #proc symbol location: 1 1.8 symbol: shape=pixcircle color=green radius=0.05 style=solid #proc symbol location: 2 1.8 symbol: shape=pixsquare color=red radius=0.05 style=solid #proc symbol location: 3 1.8 symbol: shape=pixdiamond color=blue radius=0.05 style=solid #proc symbol location: 4 1.8 symbol: shape=pixtriangle color=green radius=0.05 style=solid #proc symbol location: 5 1.8 symbol: shape=pixdowntriangle color=orange radius=0.05 style=solid /// 2nd row.. outline direct pixel symbols #proc symbol location: 1 1.4 symbol: shape=pixcircle color=green radius=0.05 #proc symbol location: 2 1.4 symbol: shape=pixsquare color=red radius=0.05 #proc symbol location: 3 1.4 symbol: shape=pixdiamond color=blue radius=0.05 #proc symbol location: 4 1.4 symbol: shape=pixtriangle color=green radius=0.05 #proc symbol location: 5 1.4 symbol: shape=pixdowntriangle color=orange radius=0.05 /// 3rd row.. vector-based variations (circle) #proc symbol location: 1 1 symbol: style=fill+outline fillcolor=blue linecolor=red radius=0.1 #proc symbol location: 2 1 symbol: style=fill+outline fillcolor=blue linecolor=black radius=0.1 #proc symbol location: 3 1 symbol: style=solid color=blue radius=0.1 #proc symbol location: 4 1 symbol: style=outline color=red radius=0.1 #proc symbol location: 5 1 symbol: style=spokes shape=circle color=green radius=0.1 linewidth=0.1