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// // ploticus charting engine script // Historical Stock Values vs. ANW (Appraised Net Worh) vs. Liability/Asset // 7/04 rchin created ( // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ #proc getdata file: stock2.csv delim: comma fieldnameheader: yes #proc areadef areaname z0 title: JSH Historical Valuation: ACME Corp.\n titledetails: align=C size=14 style=B rectangle: 1 1 5 3 xscaletype: date dd-Mmm-yy xautorange: datafield=1 yautorange: datafield=2 xaxis.location: 0.98 yaxis.location: 0.98 xaxis.stubslide: 0.02 xaxis.stubs: inc 9 month xaxis.stubvert: yes xaxis.stubformat: mm/yy xaxis.stubdetails: size=10 yaxis.grid: color=gray(0.8) yaxis.label: Price & ANW (US$) xaxis.labeldetails: size=12 style=B yaxis.labeldetails: size=12 style=B yaxis.labeldistance: 0.5 yaxis.stubs: inc //BLUE plot : Stock price #proc lineplot xfield: 1 yfield: 2 fill: skyblue #proc lineplot xfield: 1 yfield: 2 linedetails: color=brightblue width=0.5 // BLACK stairstep: App. Net Worth #proc lineplot xfield: 1 yfield: 3 stairstep: yes linedetails: color=black width=1.5 lastseglen: 0.2 //--- Orange stairstep: LIABILITY/ASSETS --------------- #proc areadef areaname z1 rectangle: 1 1 5 3 xscaletype: date dd-Mmm-yy xautorange: datafield=1 yrange: 0 100 xaxis.axisline: width=0.1 color=white xaxis.stubs: inc 9 month xaxis.stubhide: yes xaxis.tics: none yaxis.axisline: width=0.1 color=white yaxis.stubhide: yes yaxis.tics: none yaxis.stubs: inc #proc yaxis stubs: inc 10 stubrange: 0 100 //location: max location: 5.02 stubdetails: adjust=0.6,0 color=redorange ticlen: -0.1 tics: color=redorange axisline: width=0.5 color=redorange minortics: no stubformat: %3.0f%% label: Liability as % of Assets labeldistance: -0.75 labeldetails: size=12 style=B color=redorange // Orange stairstep line #proc lineplot xfield: 1 yfield: 4 stairstep: yes linedetails: color=redorange width=1.5 //------------------------------------------------ // chart area footnote #proc annotate #set now = $time() location: 0.5 0.3 textdetails: size=6 align=left outline: no backcolor: white text: Powered by GNU Ploticus @now #endproc