How to download and try this example

Usage: pl -gif vector4.htm
Demonstrate proc vector.
Vector color, dashing, and thickness are controlled from a data field.

#proc getdata fieldnameheader: yes data: class name y dir class2 arrow A A 0 -12 A "color=green width=2" A B 0 10 A color=gray(0.5) B C 0 8 B color=tan2 A D 0 -6 A color=powderblue A E 0 -3 A color=dullyellow B F 0 0 B color=red B G 0 10 B color=pink B H 0 -7 B "color=purple style=2 dashscale=3" A I 0 11 A color=black #proc areadef rectangle: 1 1 4 2 xrange: categories xcategories: datafield=name xaxis.stubs: usecategories xaxis.stubdetails: size=12 color=green xaxis.tics: none yrange: 0 1 #proc vector xfield: name yfield: y dirfield: dir constantlen: 0.7 // colorfield: class2 exactcolorfield: arrow