Evi Edna Ogholi and Friends

This Nigerian female artist recorded some music that was very popular in much of West Africa during the 80's and 90's. It still sounds great.

For many years there was very little on the internet for this artist, however lately more material has emerged. Some of her songs such as this one are now available on YouTube. I have seen her first name spelled "Edvy Edna" or "Evi Edna"; and her last name as "Ogholi" or "Ogoli".

When we were in Liberia in the early 90's she could be heard everywhere. At that time we bought a cassette at a Monrovia kiosk called "My Kind of Music". It sounds like it was recorded from an LP. It includes these tracks:

  • You can't eat your cake ... "You can never eat your cake and have it"
  • Next door neighbor ... "Next door neighbor leave me alone, cause I don't have any thing with you"
  • Ijo (No)
  • No place like home ... "There is no place like home, home sweet home, when I go south, west, east and north, I will always come back home."
  • Ugjene me (my God)
  • Umolo (Small bottle)

    Then there are some additional songs on the tape by Felix Liberty, a male artist, and these are pretty good songs too.
  • Free mandela
  • Oh lord
  • Ifeoma
  • One life to live
  • To become a man
  • Good child

I have digitized these tracks into MP3s... the don't sound too bad considering they went from vinyl to cassette (in Africa) and then to digital 15 years later.   stevegrubb@gmail.com

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