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Build instructions

Here's how to build ploticus from the downloaded source code.

For those experienced in using 'gcc' and 'make', Ploticus should be fairly easy to install. The basic distribution includes everything you need to produce graphs in GIF, PostScript, EPS, and SVG with no special library dependencies. It's also possible to build fancier versions (eg. FreeType) that require additional libraries on hand (see below).

To build from source code (generic procedure):

  • gunzip the .gz file and then tar xf the .tar file
  • Move the pl*src directory to where you want it, then: cd src
  • For a standard build on a modern Linux box the Makefile should be all set, simply type: make
  • If you get compile errors check this advice recently sent by a user (July 2017)
  • For other configurations look at the Makefile first and follow the 3-step procedure you see there. Then type: make
  • If all's well you'll now have a 'pl' executable.. move it to your favorite bin

Environment vars

To use the ploticus prefabs, set environment variable PLOTICUS_PREFABS to the full pathname of the directory where your prefab codefiles reside (./prefabs in the distribution).

Various types of builds and libs that might be required:

All of this is controlled in the src/Makefile. If you've built ploticus in a particular way that should be mentioned here, please let me know and I'll be happy to update this doc.

For GIF, Postscript, EPS, SVG:   no special libs are required as mentioned above!

For PNG instead of GIF: libpng and zlib

You can link to newer versions of GD library that you may have available, if you prefer. This might lead to other lib dependencies. (I have not tried this recently)

FreeType2 font support: libfreetype
(I have not tried this recently.)

X11 support: xlib
(I have not tried this recently.)

Shockwave-flash (SWF): ming SWF 0.2a library.
(I have not tried this recently.)


Ploticus 2.42 ... May 2013 Terms of use / GPL