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SVGdatashapes is a newly developed general-purpose data display package that uses a lot of the ideas from ploticus, and supercedes it. It is a compact python library and produces SVG only.

Documentation and examples
Please use the documentation and examples available on this SourceForge web site. Docs and examples are no longer distributed.

Accessories archive
This section describes items contributed over the years... they have not necessarily been examined or evaluated by us, and some may no longer be active. Please contact the contributor directly with questions or support requests.
  • a pascal unit with the translated ploticus headers and a demo program. Tested with FreePascal on Mac OS X. Posted 25 Apr 2012. Contributed by Michael Schindler

  • Python interface - A wrapper for the libploticus library that provides an interface for making ploticus calls using Python. Available here. Updated 7 July 2009.

  • Flash FDB Cyrillic fonts (Windows-1251 code page) for ploticus compiled with Ming 0.2a are available here. Posted 18 Mar 2008.

  • Javascript files for use with SVG mouseover (2.30+). Contributed by Jamie Echlin (mid 2004).

  • EasyTimeline tool creating timelines, by Erik Zachte. Available here.


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