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01 Aug 2017 .... A user reported pl compile errors and provided code tweak solution

17 Dec 2016 .... Announcement ....
SVGdatashapes is a newly developed general-purpose data display package that uses a lot of the ideas from ploticus. It is a compact python library and produces SVG only. There's no compatibility in either direction with respect to ploticus, but python developers who appreciated ploticus functionality are encouraged to give it a look. The plan is to concentrate future development effort there rather than ploticus. Thanks to all who've been involved since the late 1990's. It's been a lot of fun!   -Steve

2 June 2014 .... Bug fix .... init.c
Addresses the issue noted in this Debian bug report. Thanks to Colin Tuckley for letting me know about this.

7 Jan 2014 .... Bug fix .... execline.c.gz
Fixes an instability occurring in all versions, with scripts that contain a multiline attribute (such as proc annotate's text attribute) that's followed immediately by a #proc statement, without a blank line or #endproc statement. Originally reported here. Download execline.c.gz and gunzip it then put it into your src directory and do a make. Thanks to Colin Tuckley for letting me know about this.

The problem can also be worked around by being sure your ploticus scripts have at least one blank line (or an #endproc) after any such multiline attribute, as has always been advised in the script language spec.

Ploticus 2.42 – May 2013
Maintenance release with these bug fixes:
  • various code updates to reduce warnings arising from newer gcc versions / lint in strict mode.

  • chron prefab - fixes to the error bars; data point symbols

  • heatmap prefab - wasn't obeying the legend=no parameter... fixed.

  • proc boxplot - incorrect error message on number of statfields supplied, and likely other erratic behavior, when doing median-based bars plus a mean symbol.

  • the 'legendlabel' attribute was only accepting first whitespace-delimited token... should accept entire line. Affected these procs: bars, curvefit, lineplot, scatterplot, and vector.

  • Web site / documentation... facelift and pared down / cleaned up

Release notes for 2.41 and earlier versions


Ploticus 2.42 ... May 2013 Terms of use / GPL