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heatmap prefab

This prefab produces heatmaps, density grids and similar displays. Data can be continuous numeric or categorical. Numeric data will be fitted into bins. Instance counts are displayed unless contentfield is specified. The binsizes and color breakdown can be automatically determined or specified explicitly for faster performance.
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Data type DefaultDescription Examples
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Standard parameters     Most of the standard prefab parameters may be used. You must specify data (the name of the input data file). The clickmap parameters and ptselect aren't available with this prefab. You can't do an x axis along the top or a Y axis along the right side with this prefab.
x data field must be specified Identifies the data field that will hold X component. x=2
y data field must be specified Identifies the data field that will hold Y component. y=3
xcats yes or no no If yes, indicates that X component is categorical, not continuous numeric. xcats=yes

numeric based on data Explicitly specify bin size for continuous numeric data. If not specified these will be determined automatically, at some cost in performance. ybinsize=2.5
cutofflist commalist of numerics based on data Explicitly specify the cutoffs for color breakdown. commalist is a comma-delimited list of numeric values, from large magnitude to small. If not specified a reasonable (but probably not ideal) breakdown of 6 color categories will be provided automatically, at some cost in performance. commalist cannot contain embedded spaces. cutofflist=50,40,30,15,1 (would produce color categories of 50+, 40-49, 30-39, 15-29, and 1-14).
colorlist commalist of colors yellow,dullyellow,
Specify the colors to be used for cells. The first color in commalist will go to the highest magnitude category. There must be one color specified for each category. commalist may not contain embedded spaces. colorlist=white,limegreen,
zerocolor color black The plotting area will be initialized to this color. Cells that aren't set to a specific color during processing will be shown in this color. zerocolor=gray(0.8)
contentfield datafield   If specified, indicates that instances are not to be counted, but instead, the value in this field will determine the color for a given cell. Thus with contentfield only one data row (the last one encountered) will control the color of any given cell. contentfield=5

symbol symboldetails   Specifies a data point symbol to be used instead of the usual rectangle. style=filled is assumed, and there's no need to specify color. "symbol= shape=diamond radius=0.1"
outline yes
  If specified, cells will be outlined. yes gives a standard black line. "outline= color=gray(0.7) width=3"
legend yes | no | x y yes Controls whether or not a legend will be rendered, and can be used to control the location of the legend. "legend= 2.3 0.4"


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