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Examples using heatmap prefab

These examples use the heatmap prefab and are included in the distribution (./pltestsuite/testpf_heatmap). Click here to see a collection of all prefab examples.

heatmap example 1

   pl -prefab heatmap data=curve1.dat y=1 x=2   

   The curve1.dat file looks like this:
	331	75
	331.624	83.5518
	332.105	88.7758
	332.492	91.8638

The heatmap prefab's basic mode is to count instances. Here, the bin sizes in x and y are automatically determined, as is the breakdown for color coding. Default color scheme is used. These can all be given explicitly if desired. In this example, both X and Y are numeric.

heatmap example 2

  pl -prefab heatmap data=snpmap.dat header=yes y=1 x=2 ycats=yes xbinsize=5  \\

Counting instances again. In this example X is categorical and Y is numeric, and a user-supplied x binsize and color scheme was used. Y bin size and color breakdown are automatically determined.

heatmap example 3

  pl -prefab heatmap data=data26 x=1 xcats=yes y=2 ycats=yes contentfield=3  \\
	outline="color=black width=5" 

  The data26  file looks like this:
	CL PNG 44
	CL SVG 38
	CL SWF 26
	CL PS 54

In this example, instead of counting instances, a predetermined value (contentfield=3) is used to set cell color. Both X and Y are categorical. The cells are separated by thicker black lines.

heatmap example 4

  pl -prefab heatmap data=data26 x=1 xcats=yes y=2 ycats=yes contentfield=3 \\
	symbol="shape=circle radius=0.1" legendsep=0.2 zerocolor=white 

Same as example 3 but circles are used for cells, and background is white.


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