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pie prefab for creating pie graphs

This prefab produces pie graphs.  
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Data type DefaultDescription Examples
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Standard parameters     Some of the standard prefab parameters may be used. You must specify data (the name of the input data file). The only other standard parameters available with this prefab are those related to getting the plot data and legends (except for name). Note that the legend parameter is used differently with this prefab, than with others (see below).
values data field must be specified Identifies the data field that will hold numeric values for the pie slices. Pie slices will be displayed as proportions of the sum of all values, unless the total parameter is used. values=2

labelfmtstring string   A format string that controls pie slice labels, and allows content to come from one or more data fields. Text may also contain the characters \n to symbolize line breaks, and the special symbol @PCT which will evaluate to the percentage of the current slice. Version 2.30+.. supersedes the labels parameter described below. labelfmtstring=@1

"labelfmtstring= @3\n(@PCT)"
(label will be the 3rd data field, and below, the percentage in parentheses)
labels data field   Identifies the data field that will hold labels for the pie slices. labels=1

colorfld data field   Identifies the data field that will hold colors for the pie slices. labels=1
legend yes
x y
  If specified, slices will be labelled using a legend, instead of the default behavior of showing labels near the slices. Slices must have different colors for this to make sense. Legend labels come from the labels data field. (This description overrides the description on the standard parameters page.) legend=yes

"legend= 0.5 1.2"
lbldet textdetails   Specify text appearance details for the pie slice labels. "lbldet= size=8"

Additional parameters

The following parameters are available and are exactly the same as documented in the proc pie manual page ... see that page for descriptions and usage. All are optional.

colors     specify colors literally

firstslice     control degree location of first slice

explode     explode the slices

center     specify pie center

radius     specify pie radius

total     indicate that sum of slices doesn't add up to full pie

labelback     backing box for slice labels

wraplen     wordwrap the label to max n chars per line

labelfarout     how far out or in labels should be rendered




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