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Examples using the pie prefab

These examples use the pie prefab. They are included in the distribution (./pltestsuite/testpf_pie). Click here to see a collection of all prefab examples.

pie example 1

    pl  -prefab pie  values=3  labels=1  data=data9  \\
      delim=tab  title="Student enrollment" 

    data9 file:
	Business Admin	1.39	331
	English 	1.67	182
	Chemistry	2.07	301

pie example 2

    pl  -prefab pie  data=data23  delim=tab  values=2  labels=1  colorfld=3  \\
      title="Colors from data field"  legend=yes

    the data23 file:
	Employment		8	red
	In transit		2	orange
	Meals			1	green
	Errands			1	purple
	Household chores	2	yellow
	Recreation & relaxation	2	blue
	Sleep			8	gray(0.8)

Colors driven by data, and a legend for explanation.

pie example 3

  pl  -prefab pie  data=data23  delim=tab  values=2  "labelfmtstring= @1\\n (@PCT%)"  
	colorfld=3  labelback=dullyellow  firstslice=90 center="4 3" radius=1.5 
Labels with backing boxes, and an explicitly defined center and radius.


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