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vdist prefab for producing sideways histograms or beeswarms

Displays distributions of one or two variables. Distributions may be depicted using histograms, and bee-swarm diagrams. Data do not need to be in any particular order.  
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Data type DefaultDescription Examples
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Standard parameters     Most of the standard prefab parameters may be used. You must specify data (the name of an input data file) (data2 is also available for producing a second distribution, see below). The X axis formatting parameters, legend parameters, and clickmap parameters aren't available with this prefab. rectangle controls the left plotting area.. the right plotting area is automatically derived from the left one. ygrid is on by default.. use ygrid=no to turn off the grid. title will be shown centered over the first distribution.. use title2 to label the second distribution. ptselect and ptselect2 may be used to select different data rows for left and right side.
y data field must be specified Data field containing data for the first distribution. y=2

y2 data field   Data field containing data for the second (right panel) distribution. y2=4

data2 filename
  Name of an optional second data file to get y2 from. May be given as - to read data from standard input. If not specified, it is assumed that both y1 and y2 are coming from the same data file (data). data=file1 data2=file2 y=3 y2=3
title2 text   A title to be displayed centered over the second distribution. "title2= Control Group"

Pertaining to the distribution histogram

Data type DefaultDescription Examples
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dist centered
centered Appearance of the distribution. centered gives a beeswarm-like display; histo gives a histogram. dist=histo
bindiv numeric 5.0 Control the bin size, based on Y axis stub increment. If specified, the bin size will be the stub increment divided by this value. This can be a convenient way to control the bin size since the stub increment is often automatically set, based on the data. bindiv=2
binsize numeric   Specify the bin size explicitly, for cases where the automatically determined bin size isn't ideal. binsize=50
distcolor color blue The color of the distribution histogram bars. distcolor=black
distdotspread numeric 2.0 Distributions are made up of a series of dots; this parameter controls how far apart (horizontally) the dots are rendered. If you have lots of dots and they are extending too far horizontally, reduce this value; for the opposite effect increase this value. distdotspread=1.5
distdotshape circle
diamond The shape of the individual dots. distdotshape=square
distdotsize inches or cm 0.04 " The radius of the individual data point dots. distdotsize=0.025
distcenter 0 to 10 4 When doing a centered (beeswarm) display, controls the location of the center of the display in X, using a data space ranging from 0 to 10. distcenter=3


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