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Examples using the vdist prefab

These examples use the vdist prefab. They are included in the distribution (./pltestsuite/testpf_vdist). All examples use data from the data6 and data6b files having one field containing several hundred numeric values. Click here for a collection of all prefab examples.

vdist example 1

    pl -prefab vdist data=data6 y=1 

vdist example 2

   pl -prefab vdist data=data6 y=1  mediansym=dot  dist=hist \\

vdist example 3

   pl  -prefab vdist   data=data6 data2=data6b   y=1 y2=1   dist=hist \\
	title="Set 1"   title2="Set 2" 


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