Ploticus version 2.41, released on 11 Mar '09

Version 2.42 May2013

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New features:

  • New proc: proc pvalue for computing pvalues associated with t-test.

  • proc scatterplot - new attribute colorfield allows you to control data point color directly from a data field (not involving the legend-driven technique).

  • proc areadef - new attributes clickmapadjust for tweaking the overall position of grid clickmap, and catbinsadjust useful in setting up a plotting area with categories that are slid -0.5.

  • proc print - new variable that is set called FOUNDROW, which lets you determine which data row contains a given value, then pass the row number to the $datarow() function

  • proc catlines - column bars

  • category names having embedded whitespace can now be used for positioning (use underscores in the location spec)

  • prefabs - new parameters xgridskip, ygridskip, xgridblocks, ygridblocks, firststub, laststub

Bug fixes

Thanks to all those who reported and/or supplied fixes for these bugs...
  • C coding issue - string pointer comparisons, was ok on gcc but failed on sun C compiler and others
  • clickmap - double url encoding bug
  • tokncpy() fix affecting win32 builds
  • proc processdata action: breaks not setting NRECORDS to 0 on eof
  • proc processdata - result field names are set later, allowing current field names to be used in select statements
  • on clickmap tags, alt= attribute added so that output passes xml validation
  • numgroup() function - contributed bugfix installed
  • datetime stubs - seconds were incorrect
  • clickmap urlencoding - spaces are now urlencoded to %20 (previously was +)
  • direct pixel data points are now influenced by -scale
  • proc catlines able to function with just one subcat (use to require at least two)
  • instability related to field name headers, getfname()
  • memory leak in grgd.c, Gptlist
  • date stubs dislaying garbage when given unrecognized date format string
  • lineplot XFINAL was incorrect

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