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Script examples gallery - Error bars

This page contains a series of error bar examples. If the amount of error has been calculated in advance, use proc bars. If you want ploticus to compute the mean and standard deviation, use proc rangebar with the meanmode option.

See also the vbars prefab examples and lines prefab examples.

Example 1


Error bars to +/- one standard error were computed in advance.

Example 2


Simple example where mean and standard deviation were computed by proc rangebar.

Example 3


Multiple error bars, showing increased statistical power as sample size increases. Values computed externally, in advance.

Example 4


In this example, proc rangebar computed the means and standard deviations and displayed them as horizonal error bars.

Example 5


Error bars in both horizontal and vertical directions for a scatterplot.

Example 6


A more elaborate example. proc scatterplot was used to render points, and proc bars the error bars. The standard deviations were computed in advance.


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