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Script examples gallery - Legends

This page contains some examples of legends, illustrating the available varieties and options. These examples all use ploticus's proc legend. Clickmap support is available for legend entries.

Example 1


A legend can display samples of lines, colors, and symbols. This legend includes line and color samples. The usual procedure for building a legend is to include a legendlabel attribute with each plotting proc, then display the accumulated set using proc legend.

Example 1a


This example demonstrates how clickmaps may be used with legend entries. Try clicking on any entry above. For example, this could be used to take the user to more detailed descriptions of the legend entries.

Example 2


In this example, the legend entries go across, rather than down.

Example 3


A two-column legend. Proc legend is invoked twice, using the specifyorder attribute to select entries.

Example 4


An example with symbols containing characters.

Example 5


In this example, the legend is built by defining entries explicitly invoking proc legendentry once per entry. The legend is rendered using proc legend.

Example 6


This example uses a single line of entries with some multi-line labels.

Example 7


A number of new features, such as multi-column legends, backing box, word wrap for legend entries, etc. were added in version 2.32... this example illustrates some of them.


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