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Usage: pl -gif stock.htm
Data source:  "Spreadsheet format"

#proc page #if @DEVICE in gif,png scale: 0.7 #endif // read data file using proc getdata #proc getdata file: stock.csv delimit: comma //showresults: yes // reverse the record order, since the data is provided in reverse chronological // order, using proc processdata #proc processdata action: reverse // define top plotting area using proc areadef #proc areadef title: Trailer Tongue Technologies Corp. rectangle: 1 3 5 5 xscaletype: date dd-mmm-yy xrange: 01-Jan-99 01-Jun-99 yrange: 45 65 yscaletype: log #saveas: A // set up X axis using proc axis #proc xaxis stubs: inc 1 month stubformat: Mmmyy grid: color=skyblue // set up Y axis using proc axis #proc yaxis stubs: inc 5 grid: color=skyblue // draw hi low bars using proc bars #proc bars locfield: 1 segmentfields: 3 4 thinbarline: color=gray(0.8) // draw closing price curve using proc lineplot #proc lineplot xfield: 1 yfield: 5 linedetails: width=0.3 color=green // compute and render moving average curve using proc curvefit #proc curvefit xfield: 1 yfield: 5 order: 50 legendlabel: 50 day\nmoving avg linedetails: color=orange // render legend proc legend #proc legend location: max-2 max // do volume // define bottom plotting area using proc areadef #proc areadef #clone: A rectangle: 1 1.6 5 2.6 yrange: 0 30000000 yscaletype: linear title: // set up X axis using proc axis #proc xaxis ticincrement: 1 month grid: color=skyblue label: Volume (1000s) labeldetails: adjust=0,0.2 size=8 // set up Y axis using proc yaxis #proc yaxis stubs: inc 10000 1000 grid: color=skyblue // render histogram using proc bars #proc bars barwidth: 0.001 locfield: 1 lenfield: 6 thinbarline: color=green