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Script examples gallery - Annotation

Ploticus includes a facility for including labels, and arrows. While obviously not the strong suit of a batch-oriented program, proc annotate can render text, one or two arrows with semi-intelligent placement, and a backing box if desired. Clickmap support is available for annotations.

Example 1


This example has an annotation with location expressed in scaled units.

Example 2


Another example, showing various options.

Example 3


This illustrates clickmap support for annotations. Try clicking on any of the boxes above..

Example 4


Annotations done in vertical text.

Example 5


Proc annotate may also be used to create buttons for web pages.

Example 6


Annotations can be enclosed in ellipses or circles.

Example 7


Proc annotate can be used to circle noteworthy graph areas.

Example 8


An example of a long annotation.

Example 9

Click here to see script source. An example where proc annotate was used to create a simple E-R diagram for a database. Entity bubbles support text annotation that appears when the mouse hovers over them, and click-thru to actual database table documentation. Try hovering the mouse pointer over an entity bubble, and then click on the bubble.

This was somewhat tedious to code, since all locations were hard-coded, and the order in which bubbles and arrows are rendered is important for clean arrow ends.

Example 10


Using annotation to illustrate axis terminology.


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