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Script examples gallery - Heatmap plots

This page contains examples illustrating heatmaps, density grids, and similar displays. These examples all use ploticus's proc scatterplot. The data can be distributed into bins, or instances counted. The colors of the data points are controlled from the data, using the legend-driven technique. Also, the data points can be mapped using a clickmap. Colors may be mapped directly to to data values, or it is also possible to have proc scatterplot count instances and determine the colors from the count.

See also the heatmap prefab examples.

Example 1


Cells are displayed as rectangles.

Example 2


Using a gray scale.

Example 3


A 2-D distribution of Z scores, with measured values shown.

Example 4

Cells are displayed as circles. This plot has an accompanying clickmap; try clicking on the circles to demonstrate.

Example 5


Another example.


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