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Script examples gallery - pie graphs

This page contains a series of pie graph examples illustrating the available varieties and options. These examples all use ploticus's proc pie. Clickmap support is available for pie graph labels.

See also the pie prefab examples.

Example 1


Here, one slice is highlighted by exploding it slightly and using a different color. Labels are placed to the outside and connected by lines. This example also illustrates how clickmaps may be used with pie graphs. Clicking on any label takes you to a new URL. Try clicking on any label above..

Example 2


This pie has slices of different color with no outlining, and labels are conveyed by way of a legend.

Example 3


Here, all slices are green and lines are white. Labels include an automatic percentage.

Example 4


An alternate total may be specified if the slices do not sum up to the whole.


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