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Script examples gallery - Line plots

This page contains a series of lineplot examples illustrating the available varieties and options. These examples all use ploticus's proc lineplot.

See also the lines prefab, the chron prefab, and the cumufrac prefab.

Example 1


This example plots cpu utilization data produced by the sar(1) utility.

Example 2


Stock price / volume display. The data are read from a file.

Example 3


Another example where stairstep mode is used. This example is also available with a transparent background.

Example 4


This example demonstrates various combinations of stairstep, fill, and gapmissing. The latter is used to cause a gap in the curve where missing data is encountered.

Example 5


A lineplot with symbols marking the points. Use the pointsymbol attribute. Note that the points where lines meet is denoted by a special symbol, using the altsym and altwhen options.

Example 6


Y value shown at selected points. Use numbers option, and the pointlabelrange attribute to control the range where the labels will appear.

Example 7


In this example, ploticus accumulates individual values to produce cumulative lines. This example also illustrates using drawcommands to draw the straight goal lines.

Filled lineplots

Example 1


proc lineplot is invoked three times, first to do the filled area using the fill option, second to do the highlight area, and third to do the red line. The Y axis grid is done last.

Example 2


Here, two lineplots with points denoted by geometric symbols are plotted along with three curves with filled area underneath. This requires that the filled curves be drawn from back to front, and that the three curves have magnitudes such that all will be visible.

Example 3


A stacked area graph. The script contains a filter which stacks the levels.


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