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Version 2.42 May2013


See also the ploticus what's new page.

ploticus version 2.41 - prefabs

  • New parameters xgridskip, ygridskip, xgridblocks, ygridblocks, firststub, laststub

Ploticus version 2.40 - prefabs

  • Due to underlying changes in proc rangebar / proc boxplot functionality, the compare prefab, and the boxplot component of the vdist prefab, have been suspended.

  • A couple of minor bug fixes have been applied since 2.33

Ploticus version 2.33 - prefabs

  • prefab scat - new parm ptstyle= filled or outline

  • prefab scat now use new sharper direct pixel data point symbols by default

  • prefab scat now has a maxinpoints= parameter (for regression line curvefit)

  • some prefab parameters cannot be set via #set statements in the data file.. because they are set in the prefab script before getting the data. This has been clarified in the docs.

  • heatmaps - with contentfield= and values 0.0 -> 1.0 .. cutoff table was not automatically created properly.

  • heatmaps - cell coloring bug

  • draw prefab - win32 issue with dumpfile

Ploticus version 2.32 - prefabs

  • Caution: Prefabs are unsafe in direct CGI mode and in any other situation where unknown/untrusted users can directly or indirectly set or manipulate prefab parameters.

  • legends - a number of new parameters added for doing things like multi-column or multi-row legends, backing box, title, wordwrap.

  • prefab pie - wraplen parameter added - wordwrap on pie labels.

  • prefab heatmap - now supports title and related parameters.

  • prefab chron - bug fixed - date notations involving dots should now be ok.

  • General - several error messages generated by prefab scripts weren't being directed correctly and caused script evaluation errors.

Ploticus version 2.31 - prefabs

  • prefab chron now uses datematic for fallback defaults

  • you can specify "#usefname" (or similar) for axis label

  • prefab chron - lineclip parameter added

  • prefab chron - xmargin parameter wasn't working correctly - fixed

  • standard parms - new parameters xlbldistance and ylbldistance

  • prefab dist - savetbl is now correctly documented as a yes/no item.

Ploticus version 2.30 - prefabs

  • New command line options -drawdump and -drawdumpa which allow you to overlay or combine results from separate pl runs - this opens up new possibilties when using prefabs. The drawdump file can be rendered later in any desired format, using this command: pl -prefab draw dumpfile=filename

  • New prefab - compare - for comparing 2 - 4 groups and optionally, subgroups.

  • New prefab standard parmameters xaxis and yaxis. These allow you to render axes on left side, bottom, right side, or top of the plotting area, or any combination thereof, or no axes at all.

  • New prefab standard parameter - inlinedata - allows a small amount of plot data to be specified directly on command line.

  • Change - prefab standard parameters - yrange - if a single token is specified (any value), it dictates a fixed minimum and automatic maximim. Previously this was only supported when yrange=0. Caution: the behavior is now slightly different: the fixed minima is overridden by encountered data that are less than it.

  • New parameters - compare prefab - ptselect, ptselect2..4

  • Caution - prefabs now have the new superscripts/subscripts capability enabled by default. This can be turned off if desired. Existing prefab applications that have pairs of '^' or '`' characters in titles or labels may be affected.

  • Caution - prefabs now have the new data field name encoding feature enabled by default. This can be turned off if desired. Existing prefab applications that display data field names (eg. in legends) and have '_' or '|' characters in data field names may be affected.

  • Prefabs docs were overhauled.

Ploticus version 2.21 - prefabs

  • Improvement - heatmap prefab - changed to use 'exact' category matching by default
  • Fixed bug - heatmap prefab - If cutofflist was specified, no plot was produced.

Ploticus version 2.20 - prefabs

Version 2.20 includes some new prefabs and significant improvements to existing prefabs:
  • New prefab: cumufrac for generating cumulative percentage plots.
  • New prefab: heatmap for displaying heatmaps, density grids, and similar displays.
  • New prefab: vdist for displaying distributions of one or two variables.
  • chron prefab can now generate up to 4 curves or bar sets (but not in tabulate mode). Also new axis options automonths, autodays.
  • stack prefab can now generate stacked area plots.
  • scat prefab can now generate up to 4 sets of data points using 4 different symbols.
  • pie prefab can now generate pie graphs with slices of different color determined by a data field, using a legend for the labels. Also a number of other new parameters.
  • lines prefab new parameters gapmissing, numbers, accum, clip.
  • standard parameters now include ptselect parameters for selecting different sets of rows for different lines / bar sets / data point sets. Other new standard parameters include xnearest and ynearest for more control over axis min and max, echodata, and new legend-related parameters.
  • New prefab: processdata which allows ploticus to be used as a data processing filter (no plots).
None of these changes should affect old code.

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